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Here are some of the most common questions.

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Chiropractic care encompasses a wide range of therapeutic approaches that focus on biomechanics, the functional components of the body and the impact that is had on the nervous system.


This includes treatment of issues that relate to: chronic pain, acute injury, joint pain, muscle tension, decreased range of motion, repetitive use injuries, general stiffness, tension headaches, physical symptoms manifesting from stress, trauma, burnout and mental health conditions.


It is important to note that effects of different techniques can vary from person to person (as all humans and their bodies are unique) and the specific benefits will depend on individual needs, goals and modalities chose. I will always be transparent with you if I feel you are not benefiting from treatment. 


A "New Client Experience" is a 60 minute session that will consist of completing intake paperwork, consultation, examination and initial treatment based upon your health goals. 

On rare occasions imaging may be required before initial treatment. 

Please see the "Services" tab for more details,


You do not! Doctors of Chiropractic are considered to be one of the three primary care physicians, alongside DOs and MDs. 


Also know as joint manipulation, CMT, mobilization or the "Crack". 

Adjustments are unique to chiropractors and DO's, no other medical professionals are licensed to perform.

When an area of joint restriction is identified the medical professional uses their hand or some form of instrument to apply a gentle force into the joint in the specific direction of fixation. This is performed to restore proper alignment of the area so that the joint itself and the surrounding structures function properly.


The "crack" that can be heard is the joint capsule surrounding the area "capsulating" or gapping, which can release built up pressure and air. The goal of an adjustment is never the "crack". It is the restoration of proper biomechanics of the structure in order to reduce pain, loss of function, improve mobility and prevent future issues. This can occur without the sound at all.  


An adjustment is designed to address joint restriction(s) often directly caused by a muscle imbalance; without correction of both the muscle imbalance and the joint restriction complaints will not fully resolve and can lead to longevity of pain, sensory deficit, swelling, stiffness and later on, arthritis.


The short answer is No. The office is private pay and we accept HSA, cash and most credit cards. We do not accept Venmo, cash app or Apple Pay. 


If you want to know why we no longer accept insurance please read below. 


As of 11/1/2022 we stopped accepting insurance of any kind. 

Insurance companies often only cover spinal manipulation even though other services are said to be covered. 

This is problematic for many reasons.


It causes providers to only be able to offer treatment times that are <10 minutes. This means the muscular/functional components are often not adequately addressed. 


-When the muscle injury or imbalance is not addressed, relief will only be temporary. (Therefore longer treatment plans and in the end more $$)


-And, insurance plans often will cost more in the long run due to deductibles not being met.

Additionally, insurance companies do not pay for extremity treatments (wrists, ankles, knees, shoulders, etc) wellness care, preventative care, nutritional counseling, myofascial release, cupping, blading or body work. 

The overall goal is to provide you with cost effective treatment without restrictions; as well as to ensure that my time is spent on your care, not arguing with insurance companies to cover services. 

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