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Posture Problems

"Sitting is a place where you can find heaven in your joints and in your back" -Jenn Sherer

Around the end of my first year at PCCW in San Jose, CA I began having back pain for the first time in my injury filled life. There have concussions, car accidents, something with a ceiling fan, fall off a wall, knee injury, shoulder itis and then when horses got involved add more falls, throws, steps and slams. Yet no back pain. So why now, when I am probably the least likely to be injured that I've ever been.

So naturally, I went to see my chiropractor. He recommended I attend a "sitting and standing" class reasoning there was a good possibility all the school related sitting was the cause of my pain. Initially I was skeptical, my posture was decent compared to most people I knew (my mom was kind of a sticker about that). But apparently the amount of class, study time with the added stress was sending me C-ward.

You may have heard or read the phrase "sitting is the new smoking".